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Montana Land Sale, a Buyer's Market

The beautiful “Treasure State” of Montana is the 4th largest state in the United States of America and a great place to raise a family. With less than 1 million people living in this beautiful state, land is relatively inexpensive to buy. With the slow economic times nationally and the abundance of land, Montana is looking more and more like a treasure trove for those with the money to take advantage of this fantastic buyers market!

And did we mention the blue ribbon fishing oppurtunites or the Rocky Mountain Bigm Horn sheep permits that the State issues every year?  The two National Parks are augmented by many State Parks and wildlife refuges.
Whether you like the city atmosphere of Montana’s largest city,Billings, or the rural peaceful countryside featuring brilliant views of the stars, you are at home in Montana. With interest rates and demand low, the housing market is in a tailspin, you can buy part of magnificent Montana at record prices. With resort areas like The Big Sky Resort, some of the most breath taking views and skiing in America, what is not to like?

Financially you will be interested to know that along with low prices on land, Montana does not have a sales tax, and their income tax has only 7 brackets ranging from 1% to 6.9%! Some of the lowest in the country! As for property taxes, household goods are off limits due to the many thousand strong livestock producers and farmers that pay taxes on their equipment.

While America is struggling to pay its debts, it is hard to see the silver  lining to this economic cloud. If you want to live richly on a squeezed budget, give Montana a visit and discover all the wondrous treasures that you can call home! Summary Discover Montana! The state noted for being the “Treasure State” offers some of the most beautiful land at the most agreeable prices ever!

Large tracts of rural land, mixed city life, or suburbia is all at your finger tips with the most beautiful views America has to offer. Enjoy a great buyers market with a huge inventory of property for sale and no sales tax! The surprises don’t stop there, visit Glacier National Park, or three of the five entrances to Yellowstone National Park and you’ll know immediately: if home is where the heart is, this has to be home.

Missoula Montana’s City street bike paths – Time to Beef

Part of this complaint is certainly an emotional response to local bicyclists’ ability to lobby city government and rustle street space from the taxpaying majority of Missoula’s motoring public. From a financial viewpoint I also question whether the blanketing of the city streets with bike lanes is anything but a waste of taxpayer funds. Given the limited number of bicyclists in the city, the benefits of extra bike lanes is nothing but a waste, and the costs to motorists of implementing these policies must stop. I believe this is just the result a few in the city government that have mishandled the wishes of the majority of the motorists using the city’s streets.

Here is the real “beef” we have about the city streets here in Missoula.  There are busy city streets here configured with a bike lane on both sides of the street and parking allowed on one side.  Does having this configuration of bike lanes on our city streets make any sense?  Today October 14, 2014, from 1100 hrs to 1300 hrs while watching Bancroft Street I observed 320 autos or trucks and zero bicyclists. Cyclist-commuters may number no more than 2% of the adult American population according to a report by The Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center, but they are the ones who go to city council meetings. They have pushed for the kind of city street policy that our city has adopted, the one that gives priority to cyclists over cars.

Even if city council doesn’t care about car congestion, there are many more drivers than bikers and when push comes to shove the city council should have to support the cars over bikes or lose their jobs. No matter how many bike coalition people they put on the transportation study groups to make the decisions about our street infrastructure what is being done here is just not right.  It is time for Missoula’s taxpayers to get off their dead asses and stop this madness.

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